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Lewis Devlin started in the roofing industry in 1985. First as a laborer, then an apprentice, roof mechanic, foreman, project manager and even a sales representative. Most of his early career was in the commercial end of the business and he has taken off and put down every type of roof there is his 30 year career. 

One thing always struck him on every roof he replaced or bid on - that he could see exactly what caused the roofs to fail. He could see the progression of the deterioration on the roofs. From a small opening in a corner, to the effect water has once it gets under a roof system and roof membrane and deteriorates the insulation. Also how the effects of heat and cold on the water trapped under the roof system brakes apart the roof from underneath, he could always see the domino effect of how these details could bring down the very important part of a buildings structure.

Most roofing companies are only interested in replacing roofs and that is understandable - there is big money in roof replacement. Lewis wanted to take a different approach, knowing that preventive measures long before there is damage to the interior of the building by the time a building owner sees wet roof tiles or even more costly damage to the interior of the building - alas, he began his Roof Maintenance business, with a vision of saving the roofs before they fail.

There is a good feeling of helping customers from the misery damage to the inside of their buildings or homes can result in, and the worry of watching the weather and wondering if the the repair really worked or when will it leak again and where. American Roof Maintenance provides the customer satisfaction of never worrying about their roofs. 

Give us a call, let us take a look at your roof. We will give you a honest and thorough assessment of what the life expectancy of your roof system is and how we can prolong that life in a cost effective manner.

Let American Roof Maintenance give you the “Truth about your Roof!”

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At American Roof Maintenance safety is a top priority. We are fully insured and our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction! 

We are also certified in today's leading roofing systems and treatments. 


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