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American Roof Maintenance is a full service roof maintenance, consulting and preventative roof management company. We excel at Roof Audits, Quality Control Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing, Leak Investigation, and developing a Preventative Roof Maintenance Program for commercial roofing systems.

With nearly 30 years of commercial roofing services has earned American Roof Maintenance a strong reputation as a leading commercial roofing contractor within the mid-north region of New Jersey.

When it comes to servicing commercial roofs and protecting or repairing them from the elements of time, property owners and facility managers can rely on American Roof Maintenance for quality, masterful roof repair, maintenance, and installation services that deliver the best quality, value - and honesty! 

We Service

Office Buildings  // Schools  // Municipal Buildings  // Churches
Condominiums  // Hospitals  // Restaurants // Warehouses // Federal Buildings
Retails Stores  // Factories // Apartment Buildings // Historic Landmarks  

Our expertise as roofers extends to all types of commercial roofing systems, from traditional built-up “hot tar” roofs to today’s modern “cool roof” systems. As commercial roofing contractors, we can provide new roof installation for new construction, roof replacement when a roof fails or reaches the end of its service life, repairs to damaged roofs, or scheduled maintenance programs that can effectively extend the life of a commercial roof.

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